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Home Delivery Service


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FREE Home Pick-up and Delivery

Call Roland Frye (Sales Manager) at 901-483-1419 ( to inquire or setup our home, medical clinic , and office pick up & delivery services.

  Managing Partners 
   Home Delivery Service Staff 
  Roland Frye 901-483-1419   Eric Tyler         : 901-503-7671  
        Ritchie Williams: 901-949-5262  

3 Simple Steps and We'll Take Care of The Rest!

  1. Choose a location (back door, garage, porch, etc.) to leave your clothes.
  2. Place your clothes in your BENSINGER'S bag(or any bag) that you received.
  3. Leave your bag out on the scheduled day (sheltered from weather).

That’s all there is to it! We pick-up, clean and return your clothes . We then bill your credit card for the services provided – no monthly service charge and no minimum order amount.

Our Home Delivery Service costs the same as going to one of our 10 locations!

 The cost of the dry cleaning is the same as any BENSINGER'S store and the billing is fully automatic. You don't even have to be home for us to serve you. Call Roland Frye for more information or to sign up.

To apply today please contact us at:  Roland 901-483-1419    or

You may also apply by mail or fax. View our contact us page for more information. Click here for our Home Delivery Account Application.