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What is Dry Cleaning?


 As a Exxon D F 2000 dry cleaner we constantly maintain the purity of our gentle cleaning solvent. Dry cleaning with a synthetic hydrocarbon solvent, Exxon D F 2000, allows Bensinger's staff to clean your garments, while maintaining the color and texture. We understand that not only are your clothes expensive, but you want your favorite garments to look and feel good as long as possible.

Dry cleaning allows fabrics such as wools, silks, polyesters and other modern synthetic fabrics to be cleaned of most soils and grease with minimum shrinkage or other fabric distortions. These fabrics do not respond well to soap and water cleaning.

Dry cleaning involves many different processes and our expert staff is skilled in those areas and will provide you with clean, fresh, professional-looking garments. t .

 It’s very important to understand the strength of the cleaning solutions to be used and the tolerance of the garment before cleaning. Our expert staff  will provide you with clean, fresh, professional-looking garments.



  The complete ASTM dry cleaning care symbol system is listed below. These Symbols are used by the manufacturers to indicate if, when, and by what means the dry-cleaning process needs to be altered so that a garment can be processed without damage.

Max. temperature 95°C/203°F Max. temperature 95C°/203°F, Reduce mechanical action Max. temperature 60C°/140°F Max. temperature 60C°/140°F, Reduce mechanical action
Max. temperature 50C°/122°F, Reduce mechanical action Max. temperature 40C°/104°F Max. temperature 40C°/104°F, Reduce mechanical action Max. temperature 40C°/104°F, Greatly reduce mechanical action
Max. temperature 30C°/86°F, Reduce mechanical action Hand wash Do not wash
Chlorine bleach may be used Do not use chlorine bleach

Tumble dry high heat Tumble dry low heat "Drip" dry. Hang soaking wet Hang to dry after removing excess water Dry flat after removing excess water

Hot 210°C/410°F Warm 160°C/320°F Cool 120°C/248°F Do not iron

Dryclean in any solvent Dryclean in any solvent except trichloroethylene Use fluorocarbon or petroleum solvent only A short line under any of the above indicates reduce cycle, moisture, and/or heat Do not dryclean